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April 26, 2017

Change is Coming - The A to Z of NYS Paid Family Leave

Effective January 1, 2018, ALL employers with employees domiciled in New York State (other than public entities) will be mandated to provide Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits to both full-time and part-time employees. While this legislation has similarities to federal FMLA, there are many differences. For instance, this law does apply to small employers who are not currently subject to FMLA.
Whether you are a fan or foe of the new law, as an employer, this program will have significant impacts on your business.

GKG's Noelle Murphy, Attorney Michael J. Sciotti of Barclay Damon LLP, and Karen Joseph of the Guardian Life Insurance Company will share the latest information on the new law and guidance for implementation.

Final guidelines of the new law are not yet published "” we will be sharing real time updates as this information becomes available, and will continue to be your source of information before and after the seminar.

NOTE: While the law is not effective until January 1, 2018, employers can begin deducting the cost from employees effective July 1, 2017.

This webinar will review the following topics:

  • What employers fall under the law? 
  •  What are the "˜new' benefits for employees?
  • Who bears the cost?
  • What will the cost be?
  • How does this tie to NYS Disability benefits and coverage?
  • To FMLA for eligible employers? 
  •  How does it impact an employer's vacation, sick or paid time off policies?
  • What are the impacts to an employer beyond the cost of the program?
  • Sample claim scenarios
  • Maternity and paternity"”what changes?
  • Sample communication materials employers can use with employees

Who should attend?

  • Business owners and C-level employees who want to understand the impact of PFL
  • HR professionals who will be responsible for managing the implementation 
  • Finance and payroll professionals who will be involved in payroll


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