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Our results-oriented attorneys are leaders in their industry-focused practices. Learn about who we are, what sets us apart, and opportunities for joining our team.


If you’re passionate about your career, looking for a rewarding challenge, and dedicated to helping clients in a high-performing team environment, you may be right for Barclay Damon.


Featured Talent

Carol Snider


"I love what I do and feel amazingly fulfilled by the clients I have helped, the lawyers I've taught, and the profession I've chosen."

Sharon Brown


"I'm passionate about helping families by providing safe and accessible housing to all, and I'm proud to be part of the solution to housing inequality."

Liz Cominolli


"I find great satisfaction in partnering with clients to select, develop, protect, and enforce their brands."

Gabe Nugent


"I take pride in my ability to identify the best strategy for achieving my clients' goals and then pursue those goals relentlessly."

Bridget Steele


"My goal is to understand each client's unique mission in the dynamic health care field so I can best provide tailored, practical legal counsel."

Peter Hubbard

Of Counsel

"I have spent my entire legal career resolving commercial financial problems for companies and financial institutions."

Rob Gross


"I excel at developing compelling narratives when faced with complex facts, uncovering supporting evidence, and advancing client interests at every opportunity."

Lisa Arrington


"Living with a debilitating illness made me passionate about helping families and caregivers access services to enhance the lives of elderly and disabled loved ones."

Jim Domagalski


"My objective in every matter is to add value and help achieve my client's goals through strong advocacy and experienced, strategic counseling."

Harry Daniels

Of Counsel

"I love the challenge and reward of serving clients who need to resolve complex problems without litigation where possible and through litigation when necessary."

Rachelle Nuhfer


"I am passionate about working with clients to understand their concerns and objectives and to craft creative and practical solutions."

David Luzon


"I enjoy helping clients navigate the complexities of trust and estate planning and administration. I particularly like the challenges presented by cross-border planning."

Sanjeev Devabhakthuni


"I enjoy working on a great team and solving problems for our clients."

Naresh Kannan


"Navigating the intersection of science, technology, and the law, I partner with clients to develop, commercialize, and protect innovations that enhance our world."

Ivan Zajicek


"Combining my engineering experience and knowledge with the law gives me a unique perspective that I use to effectively handle each new matter for clients."

Brenda Baddam


"The values my Cuban family instilled in me are the ones I strive to uphold in my legal practice: passionate advocacy, hard work, and determination."

Patty Naughton


"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable." —Louis Brandeis

Arianna Kwiatkowski


"As a former insurance agent, I bring a unique perspective and understanding to insurance defense and insurance-coverage issues."

Debra Sullivan


"The thing I find most gratifying about practicing law is helping a client achieve a solution to a complicated problem."

Dena DeFazio


"I use both my legal skills and background in social work to generate unique, comprehensive approaches to resolving critical issues for health care clients."

Steve Blow

Of Counsel

"My goal is to first understand the nuances of my client's project or situation and then add value based on my deep legal experience."

Larry Rabinovich


"We take our client's problems home with us—at least one of us should get a good night's sleep."

Melissa Zambri


"I consider myself very fortunate to team with health care clients in their pursuit of bringing quality services to individuals and communities across the state."

Jeff Dove


"Restructuring work allows me to work creatively with clients to achieve their goals—whether on the creditor or debtor side."

Beth Ann Bivona


"Making a difference, solving problems, and finding workable solutions are passions of mine. As a lawyer, I accomplish these goals for my clients daily."

Lizz Acee


"Success for my clients comes from finding opportunities in their problems."

Brittany Lawrence


"By striving to deeply understand my clients' goals, I can develop practical litigation strategies that meet their business needs—which is work I thoroughly enjoy."

Mitch Katz


"I help clients maximize their return on investing in legal counsel by using my decades of litigation experience to find creative solutions to their business disputes."

John Langan

Managing Partner

"The best course of action comes from synthesizing the widest array of ideas from the most diverse pool of talent."

Rosemary Enright


"Using my experience working in management positions at corporations, not-for-profits, and law firms, I strive to bring wise counsel and fierce advocacy to my clients."

Deke Bowerman


"The best trial lawyers know when to fight, when not to fight, and how to win at both."

Connie Cahill

Deputy Managing Partner

"I am proud to be a partner in a firm that puts excellent service to clients at the center of everything it does."

Karen Schaefer


"My mission is to engage with clients to understand their fundamental concerns and objectives and, together, craft solutions that enable them to reach their goals."

Ray McCabe


"Through 35 years of practice, I've learned that the most important skill I can bring to clients is the ability to stop talking and listen."

Sheila Gaddis


"I can make a profound difference in the lives of individuals and contribute to the wellbeing of society by promoting justice and equality."

Janae Cummings


"My ultimate goal is to positively impact clients' lives by providing creative legal solutions and forging genuine relationships that center on meeting their needs."

Janice Grubin


"I bring a holistic understanding of the factors that can significantly impact clients in distressed situations and a versatile toolkit to help achieve their goals."

Shaleem Yaqoob


"Practicing law is a privilege that demands our best work every day on each task we take up for our clients."

Yvonne Hennessey


"There is nothing else I'd rather do—helping clients protect the environment while fostering economic development is rewarding, thought-provoking, and brings new challenges every day."

Angela Winfield

Of Counsel

"I love leveraging all forms of diversity to create innovative solutions that achieve organizational objectives."

Renato Smith


"My first step is to stand in the client's shoes––understanding the unique circumstance allows me to most effectively serve the client's legal needs."

Ekin Senlet


"I enjoy working with my energy and telecommunications clients while they navigate the maze of regulatory requirements in New York State."

Shali Natesan


"Having a complete understanding of each client's unique needs is essential to delivering excellent legal services and solving problems effectively and efficiently."

Tom Walsh


"I became a lawyer to do good in the world. The good I do: redeveloping contaminated sites and saving jobs and companies from environmental overreach."

Kadeem Wolliaston


"My passion for resolving complex issues led to my career in law, where I creatively problem solve and litigate to deliver satisfying results for clients."

Terry Emmens


"My passion is helping seniors maximize their autonomy and independence. It's a privilege to help deliver that service and be invited into a person's life."

Peter Marlette


"Law was the closest thing to sports that I could find. Preparation, dedication, teamwork, and a desire to win; it's made for a great career."
Women's Forum Image


In recognizing the unique challenges women attorneys face, Barclay Damon has created a specific initiative dedicated to their empowerment and success in the workplace. Barclay Damon's Women's Forum provides a platform for women to encourage, mentor, and champion each other in areas such as leadership development, client development, professional development, and marketing.

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