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July 22, 2016

Barclay Damon Attorneys featured in New York Magazine

Barclay Damon attorneys Douglas J. Nash, John T. Gutkoski, Bella S. Satra, Gabriel M. Nugent, John D. Cook, Kathryn D. Cornish, and M. Eric Galvez were recognized in New York Magazine for having New York State's Top Verdicts for 2015. Their work on PPC Broadband Inc., d/b/s PPC v. Corning Optical Communications RF, LLC, which led to a $24 million dollar award, was listed as number ten on the list of top verdicts.

In a federal district court patent infringement suit, Barclay Damon represented the top innovator in the broadband cable industry and successfully obtained a jury verdict of willful infringement against a major competitor. The invention claimed in the patents at issue had revolutionized the industry, and Barclay Damon's client sought to enforce its rights surrounding this invention against a competitor that had repeatedly engaged in infringing activity.

Barclay Damon sued on behalf of the innovator, won favorable claim construction rulings in district court, and defended the validity of the patents at issue in reexamination proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. After the culmination of a four-year battle between the two companies, a federal jury unanimously found that the competitor not only infringed the innovator's patents but willfully did so and granted $24 million in royalties.

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