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November 3, 2022

Barclay Damon Live: Labor & Employment Podcast—"Update on ‘Can I Ask That: New York Wage Transparency Laws'"

In episode 42 of Barclay Damon Live: Labor & Employment Podcast, host Ari Kwiatkowski offers a quick solo segment called “Update on ‘Can I Ask That: New York Wage Transparency Laws.’” While the episode strays from earlier episodes addressing what employers can and can’t ask during job interviews or in applications or include in job postings, this topic is related since recently enacted laws require employers in New York City to post a salary range for existing or new open positions. Noting that other cities have enacted or are considering such laws and a statewide version may be coming soon, Ari says it’s important to understand the reason behind the push for these laws and discusses how to comply. Let’s dig in!


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