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July 20, 2022

Barclay Damon Live: Cyber Sip—"Breach Response: What We've Learned, With Nick DiCesare"

On this episode of Barclay Damon Live: Cyber Sip™, Barclay Damon colleague Nick DiCesare joins host Kevin Szczepanski to continue their conversation from Episode 17 about how companies can reduce their risk if and when they experience a data breach or other negative cyber event. Nick introduces his “wave” theory of data breach or ransomware incidents; from his experience as a breach response coach, Nick has noticed a pattern of post-incident activities repeatedly cresting and then subsiding. Reiterating some information from their previous conversation—such as preparedness, cyber insurance, and knowing your data—they dive deeper into the breach scenario, touching on additional cybersecurity elements that business owners and companies should keep top of mind.


Barclay Damon Live podcast transcripts and captions are automatically generated through artificial intelligence, and the texts may not have been thoroughly reviewed. The authoritative record of Barclay Damon Live programming is the audio file.

This material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion, and no attorney-client relationship has been established or implied. Thanks for listening.


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