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June 17, 2013

The latest polling…

The Siena Research Institute has released its most recent polling of New Yorkers taken from June 9-13, 2013. While the polling focused on a number of hot topics in New York (e.g., corruption, tax free zones, women’s rights, etc.), it did focus two questions on hydraulic fracturing. These questions included whether the responder had heard or read about hydraulic fracturing and if they supported or opposed the process being allowed in parts of upstate New York. Once again, with a margin of error close to 4%, the numbers showed a divided state with 37% supporting hydraulic fracturing and 44% opposing it. As the Siena pollster summarized “[t]here is a clear partisan divide as it is supported nearly two-to-one by Republicans, opposed two-to-one by Democrats and divides independents virtually evenly.” Notably, Siena’s new poll showed that Governor Cuomo’s favorability rating has hit an all time low, 58-35 percent (down from 64-32 percent just last month). So, what do we read into this new numbers? Probably not much. Over 30% of responders admitted that they had heard or read very little about hydrofracking, more than twice the number of those who claimed to have no opinion. Moreover, the manner in which the ultimate question was posed to ascertain support for or opposition against hydraulic fracturing leaves much to be desired. More appropriately phrased polling has shown again and again that those who reside in the areas prospective for shale development support the State moving forward with responsible hydraulic fracturing.


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